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Online Admission


Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school and meet the Pre-School head and Staff and also the children. Admission is on round the year as long as the child had reached the age of 18 months.

Admission Procedure

STEP 1: Obtain an application form for  -  5,000.00

and complete an on-line form @ www.shinninglightng.net

STEP 2: Submit completed application form with the following documents:
Photocopy of original birth certificate.
Photocopy of international passport.
Two (2) recent passport photographs.

STEP 3: Decide when convenient to take the assessment and inform the school.

STEP 4: A brief interview of about 30mins conducted by the Head of School with the candidate and parents in attendance (where possible) is part of our initial assessment process.

STEP 5: An offer of provisional admission is made to a successful candidate pending the payment of the acceptance fees.

STEP 6: The acceptance fees has to be paid by the date indicated on the admission/offer letter in order to secure or guarantee a place at Shinning Light School.

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